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Tai Chi Chuan
An internal Chinese martial art practice for self-defense and health benefits, Tai Chi is perfect for those who enjoy precision in movement and the traditions of the internal practice!  Brian is specialized in the Northern Wu style Tai-Chi, known as the Fighting Art of the Manchurian Palace Guard.  The Classical Northern Wu style is one of the most refined styles of Tai Ji Quan, emphasis on body posture, balance, and smooth circular movements. 

One of the most significant aspect that distinguishes the Wu style of Tai-Chi Chuan is the emphasis on Nei-Gong (internal practice) in developing the postures.  Borrowing from traditional Chinese medical theory, 'Chi" is guided by the "I" (mind-intent) to travel throughout the body along the acupuncture vessels; the outward postures are developed through the concentrated use of the mind in visualizing the connecting and separating of vital points through the body.

Movement in the Wu style Tai-Chi Chuan are relatively small and compact; emphasizing the manipulating of connective tissues in opening and closing the joints rather than employing the expansive postures which characterize the Yang Style.  Wu style Tai-Chi is especially beneficial for individuals who suffers from back pain and/or joint pain.   Furthermore, the delicate concentration on inner movement helps to encourage an internal focus; hence, Wu style Tai-Chi is studied as an internal art even in the initial stages of training.

Brian has studied for internal Chinese martial art for over 18+ years with knowledge of Yang style Tai Chi, Qi Gung, and is trained & certified by Frank Allen and Tina Zhang of the Wu Tang P.C.A.  In 2009, Brian also traveled to Beijing, China to study Northern Wu style Tai-Chi with lineage holders Li Bing Ci.

Class is designed for individual progression, no experiences required. 

Benefits of Tai Chi
* A clearer and more relaxed mind.

* Reduce stress & improved ability to deal with diffcult situations.

* Improve balance.

* Enhance working of internal organs and better breathing.

* Undisturbed sleep.

* Strengthen of your overall stamina & vitality

* Learn to cultivate and generate internal energy.

* Develop a powerful and sophisticated discipline of self-defense

Tai Chi Class Sechdule & Rates:
Forza Fitness
3280 Franklin Avenue
Millbrook, NY 12545

Classes every
Monday 6:15 PM- 7:00 PM 
$25 Drop-In or Free for Forza Members
For more info, please call 845-661-3698 or email eight_energies@yahoo.com
Private lessons available, please call for more information

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