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Ba Gua Zhang

Ba Gua Zhang is one of the three major internal martial arts in China (Tai Chi, Ba Gua, and Xing Yi).  Ba Gua's literal translation is "Eight Trigram Palm", which refers to the trigrams of the Yi-Jing.  Characteristics of Ba Gua is most recognizable by the circular walking, turning patterns, and spiraling methodologies.

Ba Gua Zhang's movements employ the whole body with smooth coiling and uncoiling actions, utilizing hand techniques, dynamic footwork, and throws. Rapid-fire movements draw energy from the center of the abdomen. The circular stepping pattern also builds up centripetal force, allowing the practitioner to maneuver quickly around an opponent.

Brian is trained under Frank Allen and Tina Zhang of the Wu Tang P.C.A.  In 2009, Brian traveled to Beijing, China to study classical Cheng style Ba Gua Zhang with direct lineage holders Liu Jing Ru.

Class is designed for individual progression, no experience required.

Ba Gua Class Sechdule & Rates:
Merritt Bookstore - 2nd floor
55-57 Front St.
Millbrook, NY 12545

Classes every
Friday 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM
$20 Per Class
For more info, please call 845-661-3698 or email eight_energies@yahoo.com

Private lessons available, please call for more information

Brian Dexter (left) with Grand Master Liu Jing Ru in China (2009)

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